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California Wholesale Team

Darren Worley
Director of Sales
(805) 801-4954

Jon Goodier
National Sales Manager
(512) 534-6180

Christina Strong
Northern California Sales Representative
(925) 408-7877

Danielle Huber
Sierra Regional Manager
Central California and Reno, NV
(805) 458-5807

Zack Zybura
Northern California Regional Manager
San Francisco Bay Area
(805) 431-0146

Amy Spain
Central Coast Regional Manager
San Luis Obispo, Monterey
(805) 403-4690

Kara Kroot
Southern California Sales Representative
Southern Santa Barbara, Ventura, Northern Los Angeles
(805) 503-9350

Patrick Garvey
Southern California Regional Manager
Los Angeles
(310) 755-5169

Vince Bonafede
Southwest Regional Manager
Orange County, San Diego, Palm Springs, Arizona, Las Vegas, NV
(424) 383-0686

Marilee Lopez
Southern California Sales Assistant
(805) 748-0475

Adrienne Seiler
Executive Assistant, Alpha Omega Collective
(805) 782-0300 ext. 134

June Ward
Sales Assistant
(805) 782-0300 ext. 110