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Alpha Omega close up of vine

Vintage Reflections captures the essence of Napa Valley and Alpha Omega’s mission to produce world class wines utilizing a combination of traditional handcrafted techniques and modern technology both in the vineyards and in the cellar.

What is it that makes each vintage so unique here in the Napa Valley?

Mother Nature provides different opportunities and challenges each year that become the framework of the vintage story.  The terroir of Napa Valley, a unique combination of climate, soil and topography are major contributors that influence decisions made by our winemaking and farming teams as we handcraft fine wine from vine to bottle.

Each quarter, our winemaking team shares vintage updates from our remarkable collection of vineyards here in the Napa Valley, along with cellar notes that choreograph the winemaking process.  These first-hand accounts from our winemaking team follow the remarkable life cycle of the vine and how Alpha Omega’s combination of modern and traditional winemaking techniques in the cellar reveals the soul of each wine.


These are our stories…

Winter 2023
Spring 2024
Summer 2024
Fall 2024