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Michel Rolland

Michel Rolland

Michel Rolland is a rock star winemaking consultant who began working with our Winemaker Henrik Poulsen and Consulting Winemaker Jean Hoefliger at Newton Vineyards in 2001. Nearly five years later, the three men who share the same approach to wine teamed up again at Alpha Omega where Michel has proved to be a wonderful source of knowledge and experience for our winemaking team.

Michel was destined to work in wine. Born in a hospital in Libourne, less than 450 yards from the Pomerol appellation and two and a half miles from Maillet, he grew up walking through vineyards with his grandfather who sold wines under the Château Le Bon Pasteur label. Introduced to viticulture by his father, Michel studied oenology at the University of Bordeaux and in 1973, along with his oenologist wife Dany, took over a large laboratory in Libourne.

Still, he found time to travel. Michel’s consulting duties have taken him to four continents and more than 150 different estates exposing him to a variety of climates and conditions. In addition to conferring with highly-regarded wineries around the world, Michel continues to produce his own wines at his estates in Bordeaux where he also directs one of the wine industry’s most respected laboratories.

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