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December 31, 2020 | Fans | Alpha Omega

Our 22 Favorite Photos of 2020 Taken Inside Your Homes

As 2020 comes to a close, we share 22 of our favorite Instagram photos of 2020 taken inside your homes and wherever else you happened to shelter this year. Thank you for staying connected to us when visiting was not possible due to the times. We also selected 20 of our favorite Instagram photos taken by guests who tasted with us in 2020. Click here to check out that blog post too. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope to see you in person or virtually in 2021!

100 point Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard 2018


A post shared by Trevor G (@trevor_gw)

Rosé All Day 

Mother's Day Treat

Quarantine Cooking

Cooking with Wine


A post shared by Eric Tima (@etima)

A Decanter Fitting for ERA


A post shared by Andrew (@andrewmyersvino)

ERA to the Rescue


A post shared by Betty Jayne (@beejarific)

The Perfect Partner

Swipe for Sushi


A post shared by Enoch (@enochhsieh)

A Wine Welcome

Bringing in 2020

ERA and Homemade Pizza 1 and 2


A post shared by Robyn (@dunesandvines)


A post shared by Robyn (@dunesandvines)

Wine Wednesday

Swipe to See Sarah Smile

Virtually Tasting with Us 1 and 2


A post shared by Cyndie (@mar_opus)

Beachfront Bliss


A post shared by Catherine Kelly (@catk2k)

On the Go in the Snow


A post shared by @blogsometravel

Apropos for Easter Dinner


A post shared by Jessie (@jesswriting)

Drinking the Good Stuff

Simplistic Beauty


As you continue to enjoy Alpha Omega wines, please keep tagging us with our Instagram name @aowinery or location or use the hashtag #experienceAO so we can see and share your photos. And we may use one of your images in our favorite 2021 photos a year from now. Cheers!


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